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How dedicated mobile proxies are different from just mobile proxies?

With a dedicated mobile proxy, you will be the only one using your 4G dongle at the same time. So you won't share your IP with another customer of a proxy service.
But is it better? — Yes it is, because you are not sharing your IP address. It means you don't get penalties that other customers can get because of bad behaviors (too much crawling, too many connections on Instagram, etc).

What can I do with a dedicated mobile proxy?

Plenty of stuff :) Proxies are useful for automating things you can do manually on your computer, but you need them done thousands of times. And with only the IP of your own computer, you won't be able to do it because websites will block you.
It's when a mobile proxy is practical: you blend your connection into the ones of millions of customers using the same mobile operator. Technically, with Revoltd dedicated mobile proxies, you can:

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